Christina Darras


  Brunswick Street Gallery

    322 Brunswick st, Fitzroy. Crn Argyle St

Exhibition Opening Event: 27 January 6pm - 9pm

    Hrs Tue to Fri 10am-8pm. Sat to Sun 10 am-6pm

    PH: 0399 423 141



27 January 2017 -  9 February 2017 

You know when you have attracted for some reason the attention of your environment and all eyes are on you?? When you feel the expectations getting heavy on your shoulders?? When you sense that a pair of eyes is always following you?? When you assume and everybody else assumes that you will make no mistake -that you will have no failure?? Or that some do expect you to fail brilliantly and you have to prove them wrong??

That is what “All eyes on You” is about.

The pressure we feel when watched. The narrow space of the corridor in gallery 10 is the perfect environment to install a series of watercolor eyes in a straight line that simulates a belt of pressure around the viewer. Also, the narrowness of the corridor brings the spectator close to the artwork, and as they are aquarelles, one can explore the little washes and the sensitivity of the medium.“All eyes on You” sounds great-you have all the attention of the world-but actually is very heavy carriage. Having an eye on your back creates tension and anxiety.This is the ambiguity of “All eyes on You”.

We crave the attention of others, but when acquired we have to pay the price of it. The series of aquarelle eyes have been part of the “one thing a day” project on Instagram, which represents a day to day visual diary.